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One of the best parts about MJM Consulting, Inc. is that we are selective in the clinics and practices we take on as clients. We will not take on two practices in the same market who are competing against each other. We also do not take on any clients whom we do not see as a good fit. At MJM Consulting, Inc. we focus on building a relationship with clients and want clients to feel apart of the MJM family. 

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In-House vs. Large Firms 

Many clinics are growing frustrated at the lack of flexibility large marketing firms have and the little clarity they provide their clients with when it comes to the return on investment. While clinic owners know the real value right now is in social media and content marketing, large firms seem to be persistently chasing ‘advertising’ instead. 

No one knows your brand or business better than you. In-house staff are paid to live and breathe your brand and to have a keen understanding of the aesthetic industry. They are also personally vetted and chosen by your business, rather than an outside source.

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